Sunday, September 7, 2008

Miscellaneous tools

This is a short post to preserve some useful tools that I use from time to time but I always forget their names.

1) BackTrack: Very useful linux boot disk based off SLAX. It comes preloaded with a lot of cool tools but I like it so I can just boot into linux off of usb key and run firefox.

2) Driftnet, fun but useless tool. Shows all the images that you access by sniffing your own traffic

3) how to set up linux to connect to wirless network:
ifconfig down
ifconfig up
iwconfig essid 'name of network'
iwconfig key 'name of network'
iwconfig mode managed

4) Syntax highlight code and covert it to HTML:

5) Visual Assist X claims to to background compilation (crosses fingers) ( didn't work that well)

6) SQLylog Enterprise addition ( has auto complete for sql tables )

7) SiSoftware's SANDRA , useful for analyzing your computer and figuring out what components you have. For examle I couldn't get a used audio card to work. SANDRA identified the chipset then with a quick google I had the driver.

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