Saturday, June 14, 2008

Accelerated C++ Chapter 2 - Looping and Counting

The Page continues the discussion of Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example (C++ In-Depth Series)

Loops and conditionals are an integral part of any programming language. Chapter 2 of Accelerated C++ introduces the reader to the while, if, logical operators, and constructs.

Being an experienced developer I thought the amount of detail used to explain the how to configure the while construct was a too much. However, I must assume that the author's had good reason to include so much detail as previous students of theirs must of been confused, and with loops being such an important concept I suppose the added explanation was worth it.

The author then goes on to describe the different built in types for C++:

Built-in type representing truth values; may be either true or false

Integral type that contains only non-negative values

Integral type that must hold at least 16 bits

Integral type that must hold at least 32 bits

Unsigned integral type (from ) that can hold any object's size

Unsigned integral type that can hold the size of any string

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